Executive Function & Life Exploration Coaching For Teens
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Executive Function Coaching For Teens

executive function coaching for teens What is it?  Executive function skills are basically the “getting things done” abilities.  Things like prioritizing, organizing, focusing, motivation, and activating are all needed to accomplish tasks, but can be super challenging when those skills are not yet developed.  For some, these develop over time with experience and a little instruction.  For others, executive functioning is a more acute area of need, so they benefit from intensive, explicit, targeted support. This is where coaching comes in.  With regular sessions, an EF coach identifies specific areas of need then works with the student on building the skills to manage the deficits.

Who is it for? EF coaching is for any student who needs help in those core executive functioning skills: activation, effort, focus, emotion, memory, action.  So, the student who understands the material, but can’t consistently get homework turned in, or the one who sits in front of the assignment for hours but can’t manage to get it done, or the one who writes beautiful sentences but has no idea how to put it all together into a cohesive essay.  The teen who has myriad interests and activities but can’t navigate the busy schedule and all the bits and pieces that go with them.

How does it work? The best first step in executive function coaching is for the coach and student to get to know each other.  Though ultimately there will be particular skills addressed, it is a whole person endeavor, so there needs to be a general overall understanding.  From there the sessions can focus on building particular skills and/or working towards specific goals.  Depending on the need, meetings can be once a week, twice a week, weekly with quick check-ins – the options are as varied as the individual.

What are the benefits? Benefits for the student include lowered stress, feelings of mastery, increased confidence, more free time, higher grades (if that is a goal/concern), optimism about future endeavors.  Benefits for the parent are lowered stress, less worry, less parent-child conflict.

Accountability Sessions

accountability coaching for teensWhat is it?  What is it?! What isn’t it?! It is goal setting. It is someone making sure you hit those goals – both by learning strategies and by knowing someone will be waiting on Tuesday afternoon at the 4pm accountability session and oh crap I’d better have that done so I don’t disappoint.  It is body doubling time (body doubling: a productivity strategy in which another person works alongside you as you complete a task you might otherwise find challenging). It is a little bit of cheer leading and a huge helping of regularity that keeps you out of the hole of swirling responsibilities and deadlines that you don’t know how to meet.

Who is it for? This is best suited for folks who are exhausted by trying to keep up with things.  They are capable in many aspects of their lives (or not, no judgment), but handling dates and organization and prioritizing and stuff just knocks them off course.  

How does it work? Sessions happen weekly at a minimum, sometimes more often, where we walk through what you need.  We then make a plan for how it will be done and decide on the kind of and frequency of accountability needed.

Tell me the benefits. How much time do you have?  Well, you’ll have a lot more of it after regular accountability sessions!  Hours every month get sunk into trying to do the things, figuring out how to do the things, prepping to do the things, but not doing the actual things.  When you outsource the thinking part of it, so you can just get to the doing, it saves considerable time and energy.  The increased productivity frees up time, and also allows you to let go of the stress, guilt, and confidence busting stuckness.

Life Exploration Coaching For Teens

Life Exploration Coaching For Teens What is it?  Exploration coaching, aka search support, aka decision making, aka direction finding, aka anti-flailing, aka getting another opinion, is doing work on making sure you are trotting down the path you want to be on and are making the right moves so you get to where and who you want to be.  Need help deciding on which private school or college you want to choose?  Trying to narrow down which activities you want to sign up for or skills you want to develop?  Goal making and setting?  Want to finally, FINALLY organize your room?  Basically, whatever you might be struggling with and want a little outside support for, I am here for it.

Who is it?  This is for teens who want help sorting through whatever blockers or challenges they are facing.

How does it work? We meet.  We chat.  I ask a lot of questions.  You tell me what’s going on and the issue you want to work on.  We set goals.  We talk about how to meet the goals.  We work together to have you achieve the goals.

What are the benefits?  Toss wasted time flailing around, feel listened to, discover the power of yourself.